Sunjae Lee was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he began his studies in saxophone and martial arts at the Rivers Music School in Weston and Metrowest Taekwon Do in Marlboro, respectively. He majored in chemistry at the University of Rochester while continuing his studies in music at the nearby Eastman School of Music. After working as a chemical engineer for 3 years after graduation, he decided his calling was in holistic medicine, an area in which he could combine all of his interests. 6 years later, he graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters of Oriental Medicine.


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• Lee S. A partial translation of Yoshimasu Todo’s “Yakucho”. Thesis for Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. National College of Natural Medicine, Portland OR. June 2014.

Music discography:

2007: Sunjae Lee- Srivbanacore

2008: Sunjae Lee- Meditations

2009: Sunjae Lee- Equilibrium

2012: Noah Bernstein- Six (sideman)

2013: Kin Trio- Breathe

2017: Soojin Suh- Strange Liberation (sideman)

2017: Trio Go- Sounds Much Better

2019: Sunjae Lee- Entropy

2019: Minki Cho- Invisible (sideman)

2019: Junyoung Cheong- The Noah (sideman)

2019: Jimin Lee- Strange Flower (sideman)

Painting exhibitions:

• 2010 Bamboo Grove Salon solo exhibition, “Bamboo”. Portland, OR.

• 2011 Bamboo Grove Salon group exhibition, “The Five Elements”. Portland, OR.

• 2012 Milepost 5 Artist Community solo exhibition. Portland, OR.

• 2012 Concordia Library group exhibition. Portland, OR.

• 2014 May-June Lan Su Chinese Garden solo exhibition. Portland, OR.

• 2014 Doll Gardner Gallery solo exhibition. Portland, OR.

• 2015 August-September Lan Su Chinese Garden solo exhibition. Portland, OR

• 2016 March-May Lan Su Chinese Garden solo exhibition. Portland, OR