Fermata Wellness: Seeking the “Therapeutic Pause” through Music, Art, Holistic Health.

A fermata is a symbol in music notation that tells the musician to hold a note or a pause for an indefinite amount of time. This symbol represents the mission statement of my life’s work, a combination of holistic health, music, visual art. The modern lifestyle pushes us to constantly be overstimulated and not allow ourselves time for a pause in which healing and growth can occur. It is my hope that my art, music, and medicine can help to inspire the opposite trend and encourage everyone to remember the value of taking therapeutic pauses throughout their days.

My main background is in Naturopathy and Oriental Medicine, having studied at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. I practice fulltime and manage a Sports Rehabilitation Clinic, Create Wellness Center which has two branches in Korea- Seoul and Pyeongtaek.

I am a jazz saxophonist and perform regularly in the Seoul area, and also started a record label in 2020 called Mung Music Label, focusing on the underground improvisation scene in Korea.

During my training in Oriental Medicine, I began to learn Asian calligraphy and watercolors and have been painting for the past ten years. More recently, I have transitioned to digital drawings and animations and have been releasing NFT’s on various platforms such as Opensea, Foundation and Known Origin.