I began my studies in traditional Asian art during my studies at the National College of Natural Medicine in a calligraphy class taught by Dr. Guangying Zhou. Immediately I was drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the medium, as well as its ability to transmit a sense of serenity to the viewer. I continued my calligraphy studies with Master Ha Sang Ho during visits to Seoul, Korea, and began teaching myself how to teach basic themes in asian painting such as bamboo, orchids, fish, trees. During my education at NCNM, painting served as nightly ritual to release the stresses of the daytime studies, as well as a way to foster a deeper connection with nature. After graduating and moving to Seoul I found inspiration in the pine trees and mountainscapes that surround the city. As a jazz musician of 20 years, I love combining tradition with experimentation, and this has resulted in combining traditional painting and nature based themes with modern or unconventional techniques.


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Previous shows:

2010: Bamboo Grove Salon, Portland OR solo exhibition “Bamboo”

2011: Bamboo Grove Salon, Portland OR group exhibition “The Five Elements”

2012: Concordia Library, Portland OR group exhibition

2012: Milepost 5 artist community in Portland OR solo exhibition

2012: True Brew Coffee House, Portland OR solo exhibition

2013: Warehouse Cafe, Portland OR solo exhibition

2014: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR solo exhibition

2014: Doll Gardner Gallery, Portland OR solo exhibition 

2015: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR solo exhibition 

2016: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR solo exhibition March-May